Opening offer: for our first 20 clients, we will be offering a full 5 tracks for £50, which is the recording, mixing and mastering. This is inclusive of the recording time. With this offer, we will also do a free remix of the track if you're not satisfied with the first try, with the option to over see this as well.

Our standard rate is £10 an hour for recording. And mixing and mastering of individual tracks at £5 per track. Also, with any booking of 20 hours or more of recording time, we'll take 25% off the original price.

Rehearsal times is £5 per hour, all equipment (excluding guitars/basses) included for no extra cost.

Guitar setups are the only instrument services we can offer at this time, hoping to soon be able to do bass and drum setups as well.

We are also competent musicians so we can also offer a session musician service for any recordings. Please provide a track and give sufficient notice.


We use Pro Tools 8 and a 003+ rack as our program and interface of choice. We have a range of dynamic and condenser mics, with new mics coming in as often as we can. We have several different techniques for each instrument, and a dedicated vocal booth to make sure your recordings are as crisp and clear as possible. We are both perfectionists, and we refuse to let you have anything less than that, so we with strive to get you the best recording we can.


0202/0404 USB

M-Audio Oxygen 8

M-Audio BX5a x2

Shure SM57 x2

AKG C214

BlackStar HT-100

Laney LG35R

Zoom G2.1u

Dunlop Crybaby Classic

BlackStar HT-DIST X

Zoom B1

Custom built + maintained silent PC

AKG K2-71 MkII

003+ Rack

KRK VXT 6 x2

Shure SM57

Wharfdale Drum Mics

Korg ML2

Mapex Grayscale Kit

Mic/music stands